Selected Solo Exhibitions  

          1995, Bill Maynes Contemporary Art, NY, NY

          1994, Radix  Gallery, Phoenix AZ

          1993, Donald Judd Foundation, NY, NY, curated by Flavin and Mimi Judd

          1993, Galerie  Natkin-Berta, Paris France

          1993, Julian Pretto Gallery, NY, NY

          1992, Julian Pretto Gallery, NY,NY

          1989, Paula Allen Gallery,  NY, NY (project room)

          1985, Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago Ill.

          1983, Zolla/Lieberman Galley,  Chicago Ill


 Selected Group Exhibitions

             2013, Minus Space, “Julian Pretto Show

          2007, Museum of Friends. Walsenburg, CO.

          2007, Galleria Los Smartkieros, NY, NY

                     “Mock, Stock, And Barrel: An artists’ tribute to Richard Mock

          1997, Gas Works, London, England

                      “New York Drawers”, Pierogi 2000, Flat Files”

           1997, Corner House, Manchester England

                       “Pierogi 2000, Flat Files”

           1997, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY.

                       “Current Under Current” Flat Files

           1997, Weatherspoon Gallery, U. of NC, Greensboro,NC.

                        “Art on Paper” Flat Files Pierogi 2000

           1997, Grammercy Hotel Art Fair, NY, NY

                         Pierogi, 2000, Drawing Collection

           1996, Art Exchange, NY, NY

                         Pierogi, 2000 Drawing Colletion

           1995, Nora Haime Gallery, NY, NY


           1994, LittleJohn/Sternau Gallery, NY, NY

                         group show curated by Julian Pretto

           1994, Bill Maynes Contemporary Art, NY, NY


           1994, Littlejohn/Sternau Gallery, NY, NY

                          Summer show

           1993, Julian Pretto Gallery, NY, Ny


           1993, Julian Pretto Gallery, NY, NY

                         “Works on Paper”

           1992, Julian Pretto , Gallery, NY, NY

                         “Small Works”

           1991, Julian Pretto Gallery, NY, NY

                         “Black Constructed Paintings”

           1989, 17 White Street (Julian Pretto) NY, NY

                         “Off  Broadway” curated by Michael McCullough

           1989, Red Hook Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

           1986, Missouri Gallery, Chicago Ill.

                          Inaugural show

           1986, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago Ill.

                         “In Defense of Richard Serra”

           1985, Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City, MO.

                          "Kansas City Art Institute, First Century”

           1985, Sculpture Chicago, Chicago, Ill.

           1985, Chicago International Art Fair, Chicago, Ill.

           1985, Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, Ill.

                          “Chicago and Vicinity Show”

           1984, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Ill.

                           “Dogs”, (Traveling museum show)

           1984, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM.

                           “Southwest/Midwest Exchange”


Selected Articles           

2012,  Look Into My Owl, interview with Scott Licht

2012,   Praeteritia, interview with Phillip Hartigan

2011, Praeteritia, interview  by Phillip Hartigan

2011, Hyperallergic, “A View From the Easel



San Diego Museum of Art   

Bill Maynes, Jacquie Littlejohn, Flavin Judd

Stephan Natkin, Catharine Berta, Suzie Berland

Tom Martinelli, Dean Valentine



2014, Tree of Life Artists Grant,

2012-2013, Richard Florsheim Art Fund Studio Award

2012-2013, Marie Walsh Sharpe Space Program 

1993 ,Changes  Inc. (Robert Rauschenberg Foundation)

1983, Illinois Arts Council Grant



1981, Under-graduate studies, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO.

1982, Graduate-studies, U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.